· Lisa Höhenleitner ·
Your city guide in Berlin

Come discover Berlin with me.

As a historian of Central and Eastern-European history and Slavic
Studies I can present my home town to you with profound understanding,
passion, and authenticity.

Due to my training as a tour guide with Berlin Guide e.V. according to
European standards DIN EN Norm 15565, I am professionally qualified to
lead you through the loud and vivid city.

Thanks to my long expierence as an active guide for various museums and
memorials in Berlin I know how to share my knowledge and my enthusiasm
for history with you.

No matter on which tour you go on- I look forward to meeting you.


My philosophy

One goes on a guided city walk, when there is time for leisure but still a desire for learning. That’s where we meet. With me you can experience a relaxed walk through Berlin. For once you can experience and engage in your surroundings without the rush and hurry and find out surprising facts about the city’s past, present, and future.

With a well founded and academically researched background, it is my focus to show and explain you how Berlin has grown historically. Neither the city’s infrastructure, the diverse atmosphere of the different districts, nor the variety of people and cultures that are living here, are a result of our time. Berlin’s characteristics and diversity originates often from century-old traditions.

No matter if you are here for a short trip, a regular visitor, or if you are a Berlin resident I will tell you the history of Berlin and its stories while you enjoy your day.

I offer you…

  • Berlin from the perspective of a native Berliner

  • Berlin in three different languages and the famous Berlin local dialect

  • Diligently investigated knowledge

  • Professional and reliable with a teamwork mindset

  • Passion for my city and my profession